Eating out with a view of the sea and delicious dishes?

April 2021
If you book a lovely apartment with us during the weekend … Then you can now order a tasting in a bag full of delicacies from Tent 6.
With their passion for good food, this is a bag full of dishes and of course a bottle of wine, because that is of course part of it. (29.50 per person)
The convenience serves people, so you just have to indicate it when making your reservation and we will make sure that it is ready for you in your apartment.

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Just a different view, walk on the beach and enjoy the cooking skills of Tent 6.
Sounds like a dream, right? But nothing could be further from the truth, this is the perfect break.

Reservations can be made via Tent 6 by telephone 0641313515 or
(only available around the weekends or ordered on time)

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