Comfort at sea

Best of both worlds…

Boulevard 5 is located directly on the beautiful South Beach of Zandvoort. Exactly what you need, a place you can drive to in no time. Top address for a Little Escape/ mini break/ staycation or holiday in your own country.

And in the heart of varied nature that offers adventure, culture and serenity in equal measure. Surrounded by national parks, the relaxing coastline and larger towns just a short drive away. From our beautiful spot you can take the most beautiful beach walks, bike rides through the dunes or SUP trips along the coast.

Or you can easily reach the nicest beach bars. We can tell you everything about nice beach bars and surfing schools in the area, restaurants and coffee shops in the village and are happy to give you insider tips. You can simply rent a bicycle from us to explore the area, so… park your car, go on an adventure by bike and dream away on the water.


Beautiful south boulevard

Comfort at sea

Best of both worlds…


Life is better at the beach

Because life is really more fun on the beach, especially the beach bars on the south boulevard (where we are located of course) are super chill. Some super hip, all with delicious food and a few so unique that you really feel like you’re in another world.

Tent 6 is our favorite beach restaurant, a bit hippie, a touch of boho but above all a lot of casualness. Everything is possible and everything is allowed (not really of course) but that’s how it feels at Tent 6. This is the place to hang out with friends, have a bottle of wine and enjoy the delicious boards full of goodies to share. Every month the chef (also the owner with passion) puts together a beautiful menu consisting of 3 starters, main courses and desserts served on large wooden boards. Truly a place where the day has suddenly turned into evening and so you linger until sunset, completely relaxed. Sounds like the perfect beach day, right? And even better: this beach bar is right in front of our door, all you have to do is crawl down.

When the beach season is officially closed, the best beach season begins: winter. After all: Nothing beats a winter day on the beach. Fresh, salty wind. Get some fresh air. And above all: warm up by the fireplace with a blanket and a cup of steaming coffee, a glass of wine or some excellent winter food. Where? Here in Zandvoort of course. Fortunately, five wonderful beach bars remain open all year round for a relaxing stay.

For example, Tijn Akersloot, which has been a household name for many years. Not without reason. With Tijn (we may say Tijn) it is not all that complicated. Simply, the beach bar as you expect it to be with a remarkably good menu; pizzas and burgers, but really tasty and freshly made.




Beach day


Visit the beach all year round

There is still so much to discover on the beach. From the quiet stretches towards Noordwijk to trendy Bloemendaal.
You can of course bring your beach towel, find a spot and enjoy the sun. And you take a look over the dune and you immediately enter a kind of no man’s land where you are overwhelmed by the peace and quiet. A special piece of nature, separate from the sea and the ‘mainland’. As soon as you climb over a dune from the beach with the sound of the rushing sea in your ears, it becomes calm.

In autumn or winter it is wonderful to walk along the sea (with your dog). Get a breath of fresh air on the beach and then warm up in the luxury of your own apartment where you can keep an eye on the kite surfers. And yes, dogs are welcome with us. But please indicate this in advance because there are a few extra rules to take into account.

Do you want action on the beach of Zandvoort? It is not only ideal for sunbathing, swimming and lazing around, but anyone who loves water sports can enjoy themselves here. There are plenty of recognized surfing schools and water sports centers to learn surfing, kiting, SUPing, canoeing or rafting. If you are already an experienced water sports enthusiast, you can rent equipment there or have a nice drink and exchange experiences with other athletes.

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