The best surfer is the one who had the most fun.
Sometimes you don’t have to travel far at all for the ultimate experience.

Enjoy a few wonderful days by the sea at springtime (the very best time of the year to play on the water) while learning to kite surf, you can say a real surf holiday. At MOANA Kitesurfschool really close to us on the beach. It couldn’t be easier, can it? No lugging around with kite gear or long train journeys. As soon as the wind blows you step outside and you can immediately start your kitesurfing lesson
They use the latest Naish kites and have radio communication. As a result, you will immediately receive the feedback you need during your kitesurfing lesson and you can sail independently in no time!
MOANA – ocean, wide expanses of open water, the sea
MOANA is a very relaxed kitesurfing school to learn kite surfing! No mass production of kitesurfing lessons, but personal guidance and targeted attention.
Sea you on the water!

Book one of our Boutique apartments with sea view to fully enjoy the fresh sea breeze and the beautiful skies at all times of the day (even when there is no wind for kite surfing)
Book directly or ask for more information

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