Drastic situations ask for drastic measures, however, not all measures mean hardship and cutbacks. Why shouldn’t you be able to indulge yourself in the luxury and safety of a boutique apartment or Studio at Boulevard 5 or West 7. Perfect for those who want (need) to escape and are looking to isolate themselves in style.

We are lucky that Boulevard 5 & West 7 have many functions to make your stay safe and comfortable, These include:

  •       We are small – Only 9 apartments by the Boulevard, and 3 in the village of Zandvoort
  •       The apartments are run by the owners, we have direct control over all aspects of the business, including cleaning and hygiene practices.
  •       Our Suite/apartments all have their own facilities, which means you can use these in the convenience of your own space. They are all equipped with kitchens and luxury bathrooms.
  •       It is a perfect place to work, with wifi and the possibility of connecting directly to the internet with a network cable. 8 apartments boast views over the beach and sea for inspiration, the location makes it ideal to go outside and catch some fresh air.
  •       Located in Zandvoort – a small coastal village, right by the beach and surrounded by dunes and national parks. It is often closed off for outside visitors which means you can enjoy the surroundings in relative peace and quiet.

Apart from the above we implemented the following steps to ensure safety and peace of mind for our guests:

  •       Demand that our guests adhere to the official regulations and guidelines for social distancing during their stay
  •       Extra strict cleaning routines added to our already extensive cleaning practices, with special attention to regular cleaning of ‘hight touch’ areas, such as doorhandles, taps etc.
  •       We don’t serve breakfast in our café, our guests can order local delicacies from a large variety of restaurants in the area, delivered right to your doorstep.
  •       Guests can check-in themselves via a keysafe and a goodie bag with extra information, so no need for contact with us. Of course we are around for any questions or requests, only at a distance. Via phone, email and/or app we can be of service to everyone.
  •       We insist that future guests who do not feel well or who have been in contact with those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 to postpone their stay.

We have introduced special rates for Longstay – feel free to ask for more information

We hope this information and the taken measures offer you a level of comfort when planning a stay with us.

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