Easter breakfast 9 & 10 April 2023

At Easter, the table must be well filled; we introduce the overflowing delicious Easter picnic basket. This basket is filled with everything you need for a full breakfast / brunch (depends what time you wake up) on Easter morning.

The Easter basket consists of:
Fresh smoothie for a super energetic day
Of course a good cup of coffee or tea
Tasty Merry Berry yogurt
Fresh fruit
Homemade spreads such as egg salad
Dutch cheeses, ham and raw ham
Easter bread
Mini sandwiches
Various sweets, such as mini cakes and of course lots of Easter eggs

Can be ordered in advance from 2 persons for 25.50 p.p.

Easter breakfast served in a nice picnic basket right in front of your apartment…..all you have to do is open the door and enjoy all the goodies.
Of course you can also have breakfast in our cozy reception room, then we set the table and you can sit down and relax.

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