March 2021

We are not at all averse to a small staycation these days (if we ever were) and especially on the beach is of course just a good idea.
You can book an apartment for some quality time, but also to get some fresh air or catch those first rays of sunshine. In any case, you don’t have to think about anything when you walk on the beach or sit on your own balcony and enjoy the sunset.

Go on an adventure and imagine yourself abroad. With hills, views and our own wildlife. Drive to your favorite beach club (with that nice take-away bar) or that unique spot in the dunes for a perfect picnic.
Make it zen on the beach with a private yoga retreat, or surprise your love with a special spot by the sea, a nice bottle of bubbles and a lovely warm bath.
In short, a holiday in your own country does not sound so bad at all!

Sounds like a dream, right? But nothing could be further from the truth, this is the perfect break.
Reservations can be made via Reserve directly or send an email to for more information


We are lucky that Boulevard 5 has many features that make a stay safe. These include:

We are small – only 9 apartments on the boulevard, and 3 in the village of Zandvoort.
– The apartments are owner-managed so we have very tight control over all aspects of the business, including cleaning / hygiene practices.
– Our suites / apartments all have their own facilities, which means that you can use all the conveniences in your own space. They are all furnished with complete kitchens and luxurious bathrooms.
– We are in Zandvoort – a small coastal town, right on the beach and surrounded by dunes. The coastal town is now often closed to visitors, making it quiet and you can still enjoy the surroundings here.

In addition to the above, we have implemented the following steps to further ensure guest safety and peace of mind:
– Require that guests adhere to all official social distance rules and guidelines during their stay.
– Extra rigor applied to our already comprehensive cleaning practices, with particular attention to regularly cleaning areas of high touch such as door handles, taps etc.
– Our guests can order delicious treats from various companies in the area and have them delivered to their door.
– Of course we are still there for all questions, only now we do this from a distance. We can be of service to everyone by telephone, app or email.

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